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Technology That Empowers Your Clients to Accelerate Career Mobility


With DiverseNote, provide your team and clients with the tools needed to plan for, reach, and track career mobility.

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Tools For Workforce Development 

Client Success

Get the tools needed to help clients, self-advocate and plan for, reach, and track career and economic mobility long-term.


DiverseNote Mobility is an accelerated career training academy that offers access to credentials, direct employment, and/or scholarships to pursue a college degree.

DiversNote Mobility programs are approved by the U.S. VA and MiTC.

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Job Placement

DiverseNote has a network of employers from across the country that want to hire talent with industry-led credentials and hands-on work experience.  Increase your client job placement with DiverseNote.

Reporting & Compliance

Get the tools needed to increase student self-advocacy and the data access you need to track student success for compliance and reporting.


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What You Get

Student-user System

Staff-user System

Access Control Audits

Quick Response Tech Support

Updates & Fixes

User Roles

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

“Lawrence Technological University wanted to collaborate with DiverseNote because their mission is to foster exploration in skills and abilities.”

The DiverseNote Team is a skilled partner that can bring services to an organization that will be not only be meaningful but life changing. I would recommend any organization looking to offer critical skill development in their own students or their clients to give DiverseNote a call.

-Lawrence Technological University

“They worked with us to ideate and piot an effort for students to self-report”

We are excited to watch as our clients now have a data interface that provides critical information, but most importantly, allows them to see their progress by tracking their personal financial goals.


-United Way Workforce Initiatives


Get Everything You Need to Upskill Clients

DiverseNote works with workforce development to upskill clients through tuition benefits. We work with over 50 colleges and universities to offer reduced tuition ( as much as 50% of regular tuition and training costs) to increase access to affordable higher-ed, increase kills and job placement rates.  Training options start with our accelerated career training academy, DiverseNote Mobility.

Job Placement

Want to increase your client job placement rate?

DiverseNote has a network of employers from across the country that are hiring for internships and full-time positions.  

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